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campaign has another view and white house correspondent nancy cordes is joining us from keen, california with that tonight. nancy? >> reporter: scott, good evening those poll numbers you mentioned helped to explain why the obama campaign harshly criticized romney's speech today before he even delivered it saying that he failed the commander-in-chief test. it's part of an aggressive new approach to try to stem the damage from the president's debate performance. with the president in california for a mix of official business and fund-raisers the white house fired back at romney's claims that the president was weak on syria and iran. they said romney did not propose any steps today that president obama hadn't taken already. >> that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: they pointed out romney's embrace of a middle east peace plan for two separate states with israel and palestine was at odds with what he told donors in that secretly taped florida fund-raiser. >> reporter: obama campaign officials described romney's speech a
over. >> pelley: sharyl, thank you. drivers in california had a rude awakening this morning when they looked at the price of gasoline. the national average is $3.79 a gallon, but just look at the average in california. $4.495 gallon-- an increase of 17 cents overnight. ben tracy tells us what's driving the surge in prices in the golden state. >> reporter: at this station in north hollywood, the price of gas has jumped 66 cents in four days. sam krikorian is the owner. >> it's been killing everybody. it's going to kill the business. it's going to affect the economy. >> reporter: five days ago, he paid $30,000 to fill his 8,000 gallon tank. it will now cost him $50,000 for a refill. $20,000 more for the same rack, same refinery, same kind of gas which is -- doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: the price spike is being caused by the temporary loss of two california refineries. one caught fire in august and a power outage closed another this week. the state uses a special summer blend of fuel to cut down on smog and almost all of it is refined in california. tom robinson owns 34 gas
is raising more cash in california today. last night at a star studded los angeles fundraiser the president joked about his lackluster debate performance following songs from katie perry and stevie wonder. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president also accused his opponent mitt romney of backing away from campaign promises. >> obviously the governor knows his trillion tax cut isn't too popular so a few weeks before this election he's trying to pretend it doesn't exist. >> reporter: romney is in virginia today for a rally and what is being called a major foreign policy address. excertains from the speech have already been released. romney want as change of course in the middle east including tougher sanctions on iran and he'll call on the u.s. to work with other nations to arm rebels in syria with reupons that can defeat bashir al assad's army. at a rally in florida, romney promised to be a strong international leader if elected. >> when i'm president oil take the care it takes to rebuild our principles and restore the principles th
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if ivy was the first to shoot or not. >>> a california company space x launched a falcon rocket with 1000 pounds of cargo, including ice cream. the ship is expected to reach the space station on wednesday. >>> if you step outside, you are going to feel the cold of fall. it is here. howard is back in two minutes with what you can expect for the rest of the forecast. >>> the rising price of gasoline, extremely high costs in california have some wondering about prices around the rest of the community. >>> the cost of higher education is going up as well. >> back in two minutes with a look at your weather first. keep it here, you are watching 9news now. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row.
state law in producing large amounts ever medications. universal pain management in california is one of 76 facilities in 23 states that received the contaminated product from necc. >> we've been using them for years. and this was actually the first time that we ever received anything that has been tainted in nature. so it was a complete surprise to us. >> reporter: the clinic is tracking down patients who may have been exposed. the incubation period for fungal meningitis is one to four weeks but the cdc says it may take several months for symptoms to appear. >> it takes a while for the fungi to multiply and cause their damage and work their way through that membrane in order to cause illness. >> reporter: the investigation into how the contamination happened is still ongoing. cbs news, new york. >> the cdc says 90% of patients who may have been exposed have been contacted. health officials are warning people who got these injections to be on alert for signs of infection, including redness, pain, swelling, and fever as well. >>> it is 4:37. coming up on 4:38. here's a look at some oth
stevens murder be prevented. his former security chief talks to cbs news. >> california gas prices don't soar plus the simple switch your phone company will not do to prevent theft. >> we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> we're going to win florida, we'll take back the white house. >> mitt romney rides new momentum into the swing state. >> romney delivers a major foreign policy speech in virginia today. >> the obama campaign feeling new pressure. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, they just performed flaw lesley night after night. i can't say the same. >> is there anything more than joe biden thinking it's up to him to get the lead back? >> relief may be days away for california drivers who are suffering through the highest gasoline prices in the nation. >> they are keeping me at home. >> 91 cases of fungal meningitis. >> fists started flying. wild brawl between two separate wedding parties. one man dead and four people under arrest. >> liftoff. new era in space flight. >> at talladega super speedway, a 25 car pileup. no injuries. >
that's pricey, be glad you don't live in california. overnight, prices jumped 17 cents out on the west coast to $4.49. that's the highest in the nation. and in many parts of the state, prices climbed 40 cents per gallon just this week. some gas stations have shut down. there's a supply shortage. a so-called perfect storm in california is what is causing this. a recent fire at a refinery, a power failure at another plant and a pipeline shutdown. analysts say the prices will go up for the next few days. >>> there he is, mr., the price is right. rob wilson is about to become the first male model on the game show and he isn't the only one that wanted this job. check out all the guys. they had a chance to strut that you are stuff for the show's producers, but the viewers are the ones that voted online. rob is looking forward to his first day on the job. >> first day on set, nervous jitters. very excited, but i hope the price is right crew likes me and take it from there. i'm really excited. >> how old is this child? okay, rob makes his appearance the week of october 15. the price is right
an average of 17 cents overnight in the state of california. now while the median price is now $4.49, some gas stations are charging $6 a gallon. the so-called perfect storm in california is causing all this. recent fire at a refinery, a power failure at another plant, and also a pipeline shutdown. by the way, here in the d.c. metro, we are paying about $3.73 a gallon on average. >>> ground breaking today for the district 7 police station in prince georges. it's out on fort washington road near livingston road. chief mark mcgraw says this will bring officers into the heart of community and reduce response times for that area. >>> hundreds of women going topless on facebook to bring awareness to ptsd. ashley wise says she came up with the pledge to battle bear out of desperation. she became exhausted trying to get help for her husband. he is struggling with ptsd at fort campbell. >> i felt like streaking -- because maybe a naked woman would get attention. i decided to do a photo campaign and it was a god moment. pledged pictures, ten minutes later, it was on facebook. >> the rest is histo
to an end. tomorrow evening it will arrive at that final resting place, the california science center. a 160 wheel carrier picked up endeavor at the la airport and it's on a stop and start tour at la before it's permanent landing at the california science 10 ter. to make way for the -- center. to make way for the spaceship, crews chopped down 500 trees and removed more than 70 power poles. and it's only moving about 2 miles an hour on the 12-mile journey. nasa returned endeavor last year. >>> the heart-breaking news for a family of a missing colorado girl. wait until you hear what police say happened to the little girl. >>> customers were allowed tonight with everything from mouse poop to sewage. before you dine out in the dc metro area i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese packs a whole lotta something special inside this little wax package. why go ordinary? try the special zip peel freshness that only comes from mini babybel. nice! yes! hey, girls. want the perfect snack accessory? it's totally natural, 100% delicious cheese! tasty. see? good things really do come in small packages. l
" will complete the 12 mile road trip from los angeles international airport to the california space center in a couple of days. traffic is going to be a mess. >>> cbs moneywatch time now on a friday. two giants try to make a connection. good morning. >> reporter: asian markets were mixed following more worries about weak corporate earnings. tokyo's nikkei shed a fraction. hang seng added half of a percent. the labor department reported the number of people filing new claims for unemployment declined to the lowest level in 4 1/2 years but the news did little to move the stock market. the dow lost 18 points on thursday. the nasdaq was off two points. a japanese cell phone company wants to buy 70% of struggling sprint-nextel corporation. sprint is the third largest cell phone company in the u.s. it continues to lose high paying subscribers to verizon and at&t. it is valued at about $13 billion. the price of corn jumped 5% on the commodities market and ill mean higher prices for meats and other products that contain corn. throughout damaged corn for december delivery finished at $7.73 a bushel
in california. a recent fire at a refinery, combined with a power failure at another plan and a pipeline shut down led to supply shortages on the west coast. the average price for a gallon of gas in california right now $4.4, that makes it -- $4.49, that makes it the highest in the nation. here at dc $3.73. >>> still ahead, voters in venezuela give their president six years more in office. >>> and more information about the deadly shooting of a border patrol agent is being revealed. >> stay with us we are back in two minutes. >>> definitely need a jacket out there with temperatures in the 30s west of town. we are in the 40s and more rainshowers will be on the way for the afternoon. this morning we are starting out with a few breaks, even patchy fog. only in the low to mid-50s with the threat of the showers north and west by midday. a high about 54 degrees. the full forecast with warmer readings coming up in a few. right knew here's monika? >> reporter: traffic moving well close to the beltway. a paving operation northbound and southbound of route 123 with alternating lane closures until 5:30.
themselves. nevada, florida and california have already authorized the so- called driverless cars. google has been developing a fleet of them so it's been lobbying states to legalize them and lobbying council members like ward 3's mary cheh who introduced today's bill. they work on gps and sensors so they can navigate you in and out of traffic. >> circles in this town? >> i don't know. apparently they've tried them out in beijing and they've worked there. >> got one word for you. gps in your car, right? recalculating. >> this is all based on google's technology which is fantastic but it can't see everything. >> just think circle. can't do it. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? navigate us through that. >> i'm going to navigate you through the local housing recovery. i've been looking at the numbers and i'll tell you how your neighborhood is took. >> thank -- is doing. >> thank you, jess. >>> we don't normally think of tornadoes hitting along the west coast but people in part of california think that's exactly what happened last night. more on that coming up. >> giants fans celebra
and their families, it's as close to home as you can be. fort worth, texas los angeles, california honolulu, hawaii the uso is how america supports her troops. it's how we say thank you to the men and women who have placed our fortunes and our families and our futures ahead of their own. the uso is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on the generosity of the american people. san diego, california san antonio, texas, baby. pasadena, california. but for now, it's right here. find out how you can help. visit us at uso.org. the uso. until every one comes home. >>> good morning and welcome to 9news now. today is friday, october 19th. good morning women in la plata, maryland, they're watching, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika samtani will have your friday morning traffic. i will. and hopefully there's good news there at this point. >> a little bit. >>> and howard bernstein has the friday morning forecast. >> yeah, loud night last night. almost got in even earlier than we normally do thanks to mother nature. loud and pouring in spots. most of tha
to be complacent. >> reporter: the president wrapped up a california fundraising blitz in san francisco. he asked donors to send e-mails and make phone calls to people in swing states who will decide the election. >> we have to understand that we've got a lot more to do, and if we don't do it, then change won't happen. >> reporter: republican nominee mitt romney heads to middle america today for more campaign rallies. last week's debate re-energized his campaign, and now he has the numbers to prove it. in a pew research center poll last month, romney trailed president obama by eight points, 51% to 43%. but a new poll taken after the presidential debate last week shows him ahead now by four points, 49% to 45%. >> and people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i'm confident because i see you here on a day like this, this is unbelievable, thank you so much. >> reporter: romney campaigned in the pouring rain monday in virginia, asking for votes and slamming the president's record. >> he plans on four more years like the last four years, i don't think we can afford four more years li
, the hardest talk. this land is your land, this land is my land, from california to the new york island. >> monday night, third and final presidential debate was on foreign policy. and the most sensitive and dangerous foreign policy issue, which is the bomb. >> as long as i'm president of the united states iran will not get a nuclear weapon. >> a nuclear iran number capable iran is unacceptable to americ israel. and if israel is attacked, we have their back. >> if israel is attacked, america will stand with israel. >>> president obama and governor romney were largely in agreement on a range of foreign policy concerns. particularly those centering on the middle east. the ouster of former president mubarak of egypt, the 2014 exit date for afghanistan, the killing of terrorists with nutes romney and obama echoed each other. >> question. is bipartisanship now back in style at least when it comes to foreign policy in a presidential debate? pat buchanan? >> no it isn't but they are moving toward consensus where the american people are at. they are both pro israel, going to stand beside them.
. but in california they are soaring to a panic level hovering near the $6 mark. >> i've never seen it so high. >> get a look at this, the first snow of the season making a mess across the upper midwest. >> we're excited. >> a bus driver becomes a target of an angry fare jumper. >> 50 years ago james bond made his big screen debut. >> everybody gets a day off. >> all that -- >> going deep. how about that? >> did you really need to call barack obama the president of the united states lazy? >> yes. >> all that matters. designee hasn't done this poorly since he debated clint eastwood. >> their supporters will blame the president's poor performance to the moderator to -- >> on cbs "this morning." [ bleep ] [ applause ] [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >>> welcome to cbs "this morning." i'm charlie rose in new york. norah o'donnell is in washington. the presidential candidates are looking for momentum. president obama did something his critics did he did not do on wednesday he came out swinging. >> on thursday the president accused governor mitt romney of not being honest with the american people. nancy cordes is at
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-- in prison sentence. >>> gas stations in california are running dry. their supply problems because of outages in refineries and pipelines, places with gas are seeing prices skyrocket. this station near malibu has regular grade for get in $5.69 a gallon. across california gas prices are up an average of 18 cents in the last week. we feel bad for them but while prices in california go up, ours are going down. aaa says regular grade gas in the d.c. metro area now averages $3.74 a gallon. that's down 6 cents in the last month. nationwide, the average is at $3.79 a gallon. >>> all right, it is coming up on 6:38. we're smiling because the people from ben's chili bowl are here this morning. nine minutes away you will learn about this weekend's chili eating contest and we'll get some tips from a world champion chili eater. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. so does this, we have some music to get your beautiful day started. howard says it's going to be sunny and low humidity and highs near 80. gorgeous but a change is coming. so time to dance this friday morning. stay with 9news now. ♪ >>> good frid
in california. she says she doesn't think the spike in prices is related to supply and demand. drivers in california paying an average of $4.67 a gallon which is the highest in the nation. i'll tell you it almost makes our gas prices look good in comparison. aaa says area drivers are paying $3.73 a gallon on average for regular. this morning. at least it's not five bucks. >> something to think about. what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> holding your computer and date to for ransom. this is a new type of scam that's breaking out. we'll tell you all about it coming up in the next half- hour. >> thanks, jess. >>> more and more people are faking injuries in order to skip tsa security lines. >> a series of controversial ads is beginning to go up in metro stations across the d.c. area. we'll have more on that coming up. stay with us. >>> it is 5:08 on this tuesday morning. damp out there. we've got some check light showers going -- some generally light showers going on north of the metro. eventually we'll start to dry out and have a much better afternoon. so watch out this morni
season. >>> there were more than just nasty words exchanged at a congressional debate in california. the debate between two veteran democrats turned physical. the two congressmen, bradsher man and howard berman got a little too close yesterday, both competing to win control of the same district due to california's new primary system. during the exchange sherman grabbed berman's shoulder and yanked him toward his chest shouting, "you want to get into this? " an officer approaches to keep the two apart and the l.a. times captured the whole thing on video. >>> coming up next a thief caught on tape setting a bad example for the little girl walking out right behind her. >> and don't forget we're always on www.wusa9.com. stay with us. we're back with you right after the break. >>> caught on tape a woman stealing a one of a kind wedding dress with a little girl following right behind her. there she is. the video is from a surveillance camera taken outside the store in new jersey september 8th. police say eight phoney customers came into the store as decoys asking to try to gowns. while the
. >> people out in northern california, they saw there first heavy snowfall, up to a foot and little more snow tomorrow. in fact, a little further north, washington state, they are also seeing snow about 5000 feet. >>> for us, temperatures, that's what it is about. we are looking at temperatures more like i would say the 20th, 21st of september. we are backing the calendar back a month. 78 tomorrow. 80 on wednesday. 77 on thursday. even friday and saturday, we are talking about temperatures in the low to mid-70s. our average is 67. that is a pretty good deal for the rest of the week. our weather cam looking at temperatures back in the 60s. 64. dew point comes up a bit. the pressure has risen just a pit, 33.1 mer cure rei. we have a tropical storm watch in affect for jam ma cay and haiti. this is a pretty good track i think. most of the computer models in agreement, getting to a position off the florida coast by saturday and the models after that, i would say about 75% keep it far out to sea in the shipping lanes. we will watch it as it gets closer to shore. it would be cool but not enjoyable o
to hospitals. report say the ferry captain was afraid to stop, so he safely returned to port. >>> in california, at least 20 passengers were injured when an amtrak train collided with a truck. it california's central valley. the train derailed and was carrying about 169passengers. the truck was destroyed. officials say the driver suffered only minor injuries before emergency services arrived, passengers helped get the injured off the train. >> we were there pulling people right off the train. the train was almost on its side. everything was very slippery. almost like standing on ice. it was very hard to maneuver. >> about ten miles away, a second accident about four hours later. a freight train hit a tractor-trailer. police say that driver was seriously injured. >>> up next, we'll have your tuesday morning weather. in sports, who says there's no crying in baseball? there is if you made the playoffs. we'll tell you who's popping the corks this morning. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...no
to go from pea soup to a dust storm in paris, california, in riverside county. it's not super big but it gets bigger, and i tell you what, this is spinning just like a little tiny tornado. it's a violently rotating column of air just picking up dust. that's how we can see it. this actually produced a little bit of damage, as it moved off to the north and the east. you didn't see that too often in california. you see it more often in arizona. let's go back to the maps. we'll talk about the next system heading our way. we've got the system just kind of drifting into western kentucky, but the warm front, and that's really the key, is finally going to go through us tomorrow. that's going to do a couple of things. it will make us warmer and give us more sunshine than today. we pretty much have to have more sunshine than today. we have none. here's a look at the radar. a couple of showers popping up around culpeper. we had showers earlier in southern maryland. for the most part, we're just looking at clouds and light drizzle and fog. some showers popping up now moving northward that wil
the odds. a nighttime rupture under a major san diego road. catastrophic breaks in california in 1999, 2013, '06 and '07 and '08. and in reno, nevada. >> like a bomb going off. >> reporter: jm eagle's pipe ploweded twice in two days of these installation workers. >> i was thrown about 15 feet. >> where did you land? >> i landed out here -- >> reporter: he was lucky to escaped with bruised ribs and a bloody nose. nevada attorney general worries about both safety and costs. jm eagle water pipe in nevada state prison in the desert broke 17 times in seven years. she says public budgets are already stretched to the limit and taxpayers can't afford to spend millions to repair pipes that is supposed to last 50 years. >> it's about pushing these pipes out the door. they didn't care whether they were effective. their only concern was whether somebody finds they were defective. >> reporte . >> reporter: hendrick said when the claims came in, he was encouraged to lie. after hendrix in writing he was fired. neil gordon is jm eagle's press representative. >> did your company falsify test results? >> nev
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final journey today after 25 missions in space. the shuttle is on its way to the california science center. the 12-mile journey started at l.a. international airport through the streets of downtown los angeles and to an extended pit stop at ceynaga boulevard where crews removed utility poles and light fixtures to create a wide path. a toyota tundra is pulling it across a normally busy freeway. >> we had three months of testing to say we can do that, so we pulled more than what it weighs. it's 292,000 pounds and we were over 300,000 pounds we pulled. >> it's like amazing, because i never seen it before. >> it's incredible. i'm out of words. >> 78 ton, five-story tall shuttle should complete its journey in just a little while when it arrives at the california science center. >>> in san francisco, a bachelor party was cut short when the group's 40 foot boat hit a rock and began taking on water. the coast guard and several smaller boats came to the rescue. all 18 passengers and four crew members were taken to shore safely. the groom said most of his friends didn't mind the mishap. >> i
in the city. a team of first responders in town from northern california california helped bring patients to safety. >>> water is usually welcome by firefighters. this much quite an obs cal. firefighters responded to a fire last night. the flames spread to businesses an other homes. flooding made it difficult to get to the site. 50 homes were destroyed. >>> residents in new jersey are under a mandatory curfew until 6:00 a.m. more than 1 million homes and businesses were left without power. the storm cut off atlantic city and other island communities, stranding many residents who decided to stay put based on what their major told them rather than evacuated as the governor suggested. >>> a woman who was rescued in the atlantic after abandoning a ship in rough weather turned up by hurricane sandy has clieed. she was unresponsive when she was pulled from the water and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. 14 other crew members were rescued. a sailing vessel that was originally bill from the -- built in 1962. >>> well really want to hear from you and what your and your family are doing thro
in southern california, a 39-year-old man was killed while suing in the waters off of surf beach. >> two teenagers drive through a gas station. >> the man behind the gangnam sensation came to the united nations. >> you're required by law to wear a seat belt. put your damn seat belt on. >> all that -- >> do i get to answer or do you want to go on your own personal jihad here. >> a jihad, steve? >> do you think it's more a campaign for undecided voters? >> there's about six undecided voters left in the entire country. >> on cbs "this morning." >> undecided voters. we know they are out there. these campaigns have spent billions of dollars trying to capture them with lawn signs remember tv ads and for some ohio voters an amorous david axelrod with a rose in his ohio voters an amorous david axelrod with a rose in his teeth. captioning funded by cbs >> welcome. the president cal candidates are on the final leg of the campaign. >> president obama has rallies in iowa, colorado and ohio. jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in las vegas. >> reporter: those are just three of the ten or so
:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. >>> drivers in california are headed toward an all-time record high pain at the pump. gas prices jumped another 19 cents a gallon overnight. it is believed to be the largest one day increase ever. the average cost for gas, that is unleaded in l.a. now $4.53. that's regular. but some gas stations are inching toward gas at $6 a gallon. >> $10 in gas doesn't give me a quarter of a tank. so it is really out of control. >> okay, listen to this. some stations are actually running out of gas. analysts say it is due in part to a transition from the so- called summer blend gasoline to the winter blend which burns cleaner at cooler temperatures. we have summer-like temperatures today and i loved it. >> it was just beautiful and i wish that could last through the whole weekend. a lot of people have off for columbus day. it would be a great weekend to enjoy that beautiful weather, unfortunately, it's not going to stay that way. let's take a look outside while we can. with the michael and son weather cam. it's 79 degrees right now. the dew point is comfort
other americans. gas prices in california are 45 cents higher than the national average while prices in new york, new hampshire and connecticut are about 40 sense higher than a year ago. analysts blame the higher costs on reduced production at several refineries. the cost of oil saw its steepest decline since may. prices fell below $90 a barrel. the price drop can be attributed to the slowing economy in china. overseas markets edged up ahead. tokyo's nikkei gained 1% snapping a four session losing streak while hong kong's hang seng anticipated ad fraction. today the labor department releases the weekly unemployment numbers. on friday we'll get the september jobs report. stocks on wall street inched higher. the dow added 12 points while the nasdaq gained 15. one market loser was hewlett packard. shares of hp fell 13% after ceo meg whitman said she expects the company to continue to struggle over the next few years. hershey is getting socially conscious. they are pledging to use only certified coco in all its chocolate products by the year 20. hershey was criticized by activity jafts s
people are injured when an amtrak train collides with a big rig in california. >> check out this wild ride. a stolen van crashes into several parked cars. >> behind the wheel, a 10-year-old. >>> disturbing video of a police officer punching a woman in the face prompting an internal investigation. >>> a career night for tony romo. five interceptions. >>> let me talk -- >> would you answer my question? >> i'm not a student in your class room. please let me respond, okay? >>> couldn't you just go to the future and come back and kill that arnold? >>> arnold schwarzenegger you can't run from your mistakes. you have to confront them. yeah, especially if they look exactly like you and keep calling you dad. [ laughter ] captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." there are just five weeks in the race left for the white house. the two candidates will spend the day preparing for tomorrow night's first debate in denver. a new quinnipiac university poll of likely voters shows president obama leading mitt romney by four points, 49-45. >> last night in denver, romney was endorsed by
to rob the grandmother of medical marijuana, growing in her backyard, out in dixon, california. and they emptied a can of bear spray on thee of the young men, including a thug who was pointing a shotgun at her. >> i didn't realize it until it was all over with and how dangerous it was. >> it turned out okay. all 13 intruders took out running. >>> a live look outside right now. topper comes along with just a moment for you in your full forecast. >>> a deadly meningitis outbreak claims a victim in maryland will tell you where that had be coming from. it's coming up next. >>> an outbreak of a rare form of meningitis. expected to grow. 26 people in five states have already gotten sick including five who died. one of those deceased is right here in maryland. the outbreak was discovered in tennessee where 18 cases have been reported. there are also a handful of cases in virginia, maryland, florida, and north carolina. all of those victims got sick after getting steroid injections. >> some of us have seen anything like this where in medication injected into the cerebral spinal fluid h
. >> average prices at the pump are up to $3.82 nationwide for a gallon of regular unleaded. but in california, they have set their own state record. according to aaa, the average price of regular is up to $4.67 a gallon and that is up 50 cents. just in the last week. analysts blame supply and demand for the spike, but one member of congress is calling for a federal investigation. >>> two people connect across four decades thanks to a well preserved note left in the wilderness. tim taylor wrote a note to the mountains in 1972. at the time he was a 13-year- old boy scout. he climbed to a peek and tucked the note inside a metal film canister. now 40 years later, a man hiking with his grandson climbs the same peek and finds the note. a newspaper ran the story on it and one of taylor's friends saw it and pointed it out to him. >> you're not going to believe this. you're in the paper for a note you left 40 years ago on some mountain top up in the sierra. >> the newspaper story helped connect taylor who is now 53 and living hundreds of miles away in san diego with the man who found his note. >>> s
when it comes to foreign policy. he is campaigning in california today. that's where he dedicated a national monument to latino labor leader, cesar chavez. >> he believes when a worker is treated fairly and humanely by their employer, that adds meaning to the values this country was founded upon. >> president obama and mitt romney face off again next tuesday in the second of three debates. >>> and in virginia's u.s. senate race, tonight former governors, george allen and tim kaine, will square off in a debate sponsored by the aarp of virginia and the league of women voters. that gets going in just under an hour, 8:00, right down in richmond. you can watch it live on our website, wusa9.com. >>> you may have noticed these controversial ads up in the metro stations today. critics say they equate muslims to savages and a judge ruled the transit agency must display the american freedom defense initiatives commercials or ads. they are being posted as georgia avenue stations. >>> and there's a consumer alert tonight for all of you with gelato. giant is pulling chocolate peanut butter c
coming into california. then is goes up through the plains and well north of us. see the showers north of us. they're going to stay generally along and north of i-70. south of that jet is the warm air. that's where we're going to be with temperatures in the 70s today. 80s tomorrow. even though we'll have high clouds again tomorrow and then maybe even mostly cloudy for a little while. i still think we'll be around 80. on thursday we watch some clouds which try to come in off the atlantic, a sign that a cooler air mass will try to work its way here but still pleasant. we have td19, could be tony. don't worry about that. here's sandy getting better organized as we speak. it will be moving up toward the north, northeast toward jamaica where hurricane warnings are now posted for tomorrow. then cuba. then the bahamas and the hurricane center is giving it a track toward the north and east. my concern is that it could come more up the coast toward us. that would be late sunday or monday, tuesday. lots of time to watch it. today 78. tonight about 60. tomorrow 80. 60 in town. 50s in the bushes.
at the california science center this morning but it's final journey took nearly a day longer than expected. as ben tracey reports moving "endeavour" through the streets of los angeles was as tough as any space mission. >> reporter: when the shuttle finally touched down at exhibition park on sunday nobody seemed to mind that "endeavour" was 15 hours late. >> in some ways i think that delay is a little bit of a blessing in disguise. more and more people were able to come out. >> reporter: yes and kara sergile came out. >> what do you think of the space shuttle? >> really big. >> reporter: this endeavor became a big ordeal. it took 60 hours to travel 12 miles. here on earth the space shuttle simply ran out of space. 78--foot wing span came within a credit card's width of buildings and power poles. crews rushed ahead to trim trees and raising wires trying to keep it on the move. the city had already cut down 400 trees and elevated 100 power lines but it wasn't enough. as the crowd drew and often blocked its way the shuttle could have use ad booster robert. it slowed to 1 mile-per-hour. then a planned
home. the shuttle pulled into the california science center this weekend after making a 12-mile trek from los angeles international airport through the streets of downtown l.a. the city even cut down 400 trees and raised 100 power lines to give the five-story shuttle enough room for the george any. it flew from 1992 to 2011. it replaced the challenger which of course exploded. >>> the time is 5:13. members of the d.c. national guard receive a hero's welcome after spending nearly a year deployed. >> not only did the redskins win but the cowboys lost. highlights coming up in sports. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to nine fine now. it's -- 9news now. it's 5:16 on this monday morning. you'll need rain gear later today. here's howard. >> it's mild out there so you're not going to need a jacket unless you're in the studio like 3:00. it was 56 degrees when i got in the studio this morning. >> you tested it? >> i put the space heater on, got the little display. it says indoor temp and what you set at. it said 56. i don't know how accurate it is but i think it's in the ballpark. it's w
but it will be dry in southern california. showers and thunderstorms will develop across much of the midwest. thunderstorms are possible across arkansas, oklahoma and northwestern texas. and it will be a nice day in the northeast. >>> on the cbs moneywatch two tech giants launch big products this week and nissan recalls thousands of vehicles. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets made a late recovery after the yen the pole a two month low against the dollar helping exporters. tokyo's nikkei rose a fraction. ong kong's hang seng added a half of a%. wall street hopes to rebound after a sour week to the week. blue chips tumbled on friday. the dow lost 205 points the biggest loss in four months. the nasdaq was down 67. the price at pump continue to go down. the national average cost for a gallon of regular is $3.68. that's 11 cents less then a week ago and 15 cents less than a month ago. you're still paying more than you did last year. gas prices at this time in 2011 was 22 cents less per gallon. nissan is recalling nearly 14,000 vehicles because some of the bolts could become loose and fall
is crashing into the west coast with rain and mountain snows. heavy snows in the ski areas in california up through the northwest, in toward even moynihan they have winter storm warnings. locally, not much going on here. but if you are flying toward chicago this afternoon, that is a cluster of storms that will be around there likely to slow things down a bit. the futurecast is all quiet. a few clouds late tonight, early tomorrow, especially up north. the showers will stay up in pennsylvania. then wednesday i'm expecting more sunshine, our highs will be near 80 and keep in mind the average high is 66. so well above average for the next several days. >>> we have a new tropical depression. 18 will likely become sally and strengthen to a strong tropical storm by jamaica. then toward the bahamas and after that potentially up to the north and east, maybe bermuda. they are trying to bring this thing back to the east coast sunday monday. 72 if not 74 in a few spots. not as chilliton. mid-40s north and west. 78 tomorrow, 80 on wednesday. still looking real nice thursday friday with saturday in the h
it often. >> the owners of the original california tortilla store in bethesda are on the move. the new location, just across the street from the original store. now the owners say the new store is bigger and a better view of the traffic and to celebrate, they are offering up free buritos tonight. >> it looks like a lot of customers want that. the national museum of american history held a special sendoff ceremony today. dorothy's ruby slippers are going on their first overseas trip. part of an exhibit at the victoria and albert museum in london along with dorothy's blue and white dress. you have to remember that. until they come home, the ruby slippers spot will be held by an original kermet the frog puppet. >> coming up, celebrating 19 years of buddy check 9. through a breast cancer survivor who is paying it forward the buddy check way. >>> could you make it work if you had $30 to spend on 21 meals? we'll take a look at some of the challenges on living on food stamps. >>> food stamps are a necessity for thousands in the district, but stretching that allowance into meals can be diffi
first brought you the story of a california bear. the bear's name meat ball. he couldn't stay away from homeowners outside of los angeles. the bear has become a celebrity and a challenge for his keepers. we'll show you how social media connect ad community with a bear. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. this one official from california department of fish and game and said bear sightings in california have become the equivalent of a high-speed car chase. the cameras show up. the bear shows up. the community becomes captivated. but the big question what happens the next time? doesn't matter if you have two legs or four. if you get in trouble in hollywood -- new know how famous you are? >> -- it makes headlines. they surrounded this one area. he's between a house and a fence. >> this bear has been put in custody nearly as much as lindsay lohan. yet it's that celebrity that's saved his life. >> so you are one lucky bear. >> as a fan, he wanted pictures. but he's also an official with the california department of fish and game. >> hi. >> he first got wind of the 400-pound black bear. h
street, california, about 20 miles southeast of l.a. police are looking for the gunman who got away in a black camaro. >>> here at home a lot of drivers have unwillingness contributed toward the $85 million collected from d.c. speed cameras. here's a look at the top moneymakers for the nearly 10- mile stretch between d.c. and maryland which accounted for more than 1/4 of the speed camera traffic tickets. our bruce johnson spent the day with some fed up drivers caught in the camera and they are fed up with the fines. bruce. >> reporter: lesli, let's put it this way. this is not a quote, but any to pull out what one driver had to say, it would go something like this. we understand there's a safety factor involved in all this. you got to slow these cars down, but $85 million in revenue, come on. what's it for, how much? >> $150. >> reporter: whoa. the district's traffic adjudication office today had nothing but complaints about the tickets from the automated traffic cameras. >> it's a money issue. >> $300. >> i think the fees are outrageous. >> we got plenty of money in them tickets.
the first presidential debate, one costume wholesaler in california said big bird suits have been selling like hot cakes. in fact, retail prices range from 40 to 100 bucks, but store owners expect that to go up because the demand is just that high. >>> we'll be right back in a moment with topper. >>> i'll admit it. i was a little bit down on the nats after that he parissing loss yesterday, but you know, every -- embarrassing loss yesterday, but, you know, every day is another game and tomorrow the cardinals will be sitting around going what the heck happened? >> reporter: day, tell you what. take a -- derek, tell you what. take a listen to some of these fans. that's all i need to say. >> let's go nats! >> reporter: all right. that's the fans. how about the hero of tonight's game, jayson werth? here's what he had to say about the big hit. take a listen. >> they got a really great mentality. we got a great manager to lead us. we got a great organization from top to bottom, from the lerner family on down. this is a great place to play. i said yesterday i liked the spot we were in. we just
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